We leverage a secure, robust, enterprise level hosting infrastructure with built in redundancy and load balancing as well as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform to provide state of the art hosting for the medical industry.

Our hosting network dramatically increases download speeds for our client websites, improves user experience and conversion, and improves search engine rankings that are increasingly reliant on fast download speeds.

State-of-the-art, secure hosting for the medical industry

The latest speed technologies, proactive security, and finely tuned optimizations

SSD drives for everyone

For faster and more reliable websites, all our hosting plans use solid state drives.

Latest technologies

Enhanced performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, SPDY, PHP7 and a free CDN for image loading.

Integrated analytics

Every hosted website comes complete with an integrated analytic solution.

Automatic backups

Our servers automatically backup your website on a weekly basis to ensure you never lose your valuable investment.

Scalable infrastructure

We automatically monitor your web site traffic and allocate resources to ensure your site is ready to smoothly handle traffic spikes.

Free SSL certificate

We provide a free Comodo SSL certificate for every hosted website to strengthen your website's security.

Integrated firewall

All hosted websites utilize our custom tailored firewall to block and prevent malicious site activity.

Wordpress optimized

We've tuned our hosting servers for WordPress sites. Ensuring stable, secure, and fast web pages.